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Informal Event Galleries


These are informal event photos. These are not intended to be art-quality photos representative of my formal photography. Photos in this section are provided for the enjoyment of those who attended the events. I try to make events look fun, and add my own photographic perspective. If your photograph is on one of these pages and you don't want it to be, I sincerely apologize and will immediately remove it if you contact me.

Public events and events in public...

France JX Photography Cannes and Nice, France, 2005
I was on a trip to France with my father to France for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) conference in Europe, hanging with standards folks like Sir Tim Berners-Lee. I took some nice photos during that trip, and here is the public gallery of some of those photos.
JX's LUV Monkey Lost and Found The LUV Monkey Lost and Found Project, 2005
I was in charge of the Lost and Found for a camping trip for a few hundred people. Not surprisingly, there were things lost, and then later found. Here's how I advertised the items to get lost items back to their owners. It was a quick project with limited time with LUV Monkey, so please don't judge my skills on the image quality. :-) Lost? Found? Maybe the LUV Monkey Lost and Found has your items.
Santacon Santa San Francisco Cacophany Society Cacophony Santacon San Francisco, 2004
Yes, two hundred and fifty Santa Clauses just walked passed you. And what on Earth were they doing to that stuffed reindeer? BTW, the Asian dude with the sign is not one of us, he's Frank Chu, a semi-famous local guy concerned with quintrological galaxies and alphatronic rockifications.
Faux Queen Contest Faux Queen Contest, 2004
An annual contest in San Francisco, CA, where biologically female performers pretend to be gay men pretending to be women in "traditional drag shows". Yes, it's complicated, and very San Francisco.
Woollcott Croquet Tournament   Woollcott Croquet Tournament, 2004
An annual croquet tournament in Berkeley, CA. A bunch of friends get together each year in a park, dress up, eat, drink, play croquet, and have a good time.

Private galleries and events...

Some galleries require an event-specific name and password to view the album. If you didn't go that event, I will not send you the information for it. Talk to the event's coordinator for the album name & password.

Christmas 2005 JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Christmas at Lisa P's, 2005
Joan and Tom Beach Walks JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Joan and Tom Beach Walks, 2005
Nursey Runners 2005 JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Nursey Runners in SF, 2005
Lisa P and Norm JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Lisa P and Norm, 2005
Fools Revival JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Fools Revival (Camp N Sons), 2005
Michelle N Birthday 2005  JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Michelle N Birthday, 2005
Margot Birthday 2005  JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Margot Birthday, 2005
Parents Anniversary 2005 JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Parents Anniversary, 2005
Independence Day 2005 JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Independence Day, 2005
dolores park 2005 JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Dolores Park in March, 2005
Baja Mexico JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Baja Mexico New Years, 2004
JX Bell JXBell JX Photography   Rebecca T's Housewarming, 2004
Cole Pepper and friends   Columbus Day (Camp 'N Sons), 2004
Cole Pepper and friends   Cole Pepper and Friends
Peter Rosberg and Mary Choy   Peter Rosberg and Mary Choy's Wedding
Todd Evans and Rebecca Pitt Wedding   Todd Evans and Rebecca Pitt's Wedding
Fools Gold at Camp N Sons   Fools Gold (Camp 'N Sons), 2004
Todd Gustavson and Kim Lazar Wedding   Todd Gustavson and Kim Lazar's Wedding
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